The Best Colorful Glassware Under $30 at Amazon | Food & Wine

2022-03-26 07:41:01 By : Mr. Jake Gu

During those cold, cold months, you were hardly the only person who dreamed of chasing the sunshine and pulling the cover off the outdoor grill. Now that the temperature is climbing and the season of outdoor dining and entertaining is officially here, you may have realized that you need to invest in an entire new set of glassware to prepare. 

Luckily, Amazon has an entire section devoted to glassware under $30—and it all happens to be plenty colorful to suit the mood of the season. Here, you'll find diamond-patterned drinking glasses, rainbow tumblers begging to be filled with homemade lemonade, and shatterproof cups that look far more expensive than they are. Keep reading to check out our favorite picks from the collection, with prices starting at just $16. 

Entertaining will climb to new heights this summer, whether you're throwing a cocktail hour or simply gulping down chilled glasses of iced tea. If you're looking for a new set of wine glasses to add to the collection, consider these vintage-style goblets that come in bright colors like blue and amber. You can also snag these tall, elegant glasses that are set to hold anything from wine and liquor to water and juice. Plus, don't overlook the brightly colored embossed tumblers that are made out of a sturdy material and boast an intricate, ornate pattern.       

For those who are just searching for a set of glasses that will be devoted to outdoor use only—and need ones that are guaranteed not to shatter if they're accidentally dropped—look to the cute Cupture Riviera Tumblers which are unbreakable and made out of a BPA-free, bio-based plastic material. The shatterproof Optix Plastic Tumblers are also another great option for outdoor drinking; they're big enough to hold a can of soda and are painted in an array of blue coastal colors. 

Keep scrolling to check out the rest of our picks, including more highball glasses, vintage water cups, and multicolor tumblers. Snap these up quickly so you can spend the rest of the summer drinking in pure, colorful fashion.