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2022-05-14 10:11:41 By : Ms. Rain Lu

The Netflix dating series "The Ultimatum" frequently features the cast holding silver wine goblets. The oversized glasses are the same type of stemware featured heavily in its sister dating show, "Love Is Blind," where the cast there uses gold wine glasses.

"The Ultimatum" and "Love Is Blind" — both hosted by singer Nick Lachey and television personality Vanessa Lachey — were created by Chris Coelen. He explained why he chose to include the glasses in his new series to Today.

"The silver goblets in 'The Ultimatum' are an homage to the gold goblets in 'Love Is Blind.' We think the goblets are a subtle but fun way to tie the elements of each show together," said Coelen.

The glasses are not just used for wine or cocktails — they can also contain water, coffee, and tea. But it still begs the question: Why are they used instead of regular glass stemware?

Most savvy viewers suggest it could have to do with the way the show is edited. By using opaque stemware, producers can conveniently cut around scenes without showing drinks getting lower or replenished.

"I have a theory that they use the chrome glasses in #TheUltimatum because they cut scenes so much and don't want people to tell based on the level or color of their drinks and how much is gone," wrote one viewer.

Reality television viewers frequently notice these types of continuity errors — "Love is Blind" viewers picked up on plates of food suddenly being finished in the show's latest season, for example. By using the metallic cups, the show's editors can avoid this type of distraction.

Some Twitter users have poked fun at the glasses, which were so ubiquitous on the shows that they were even included in the casts' dining-out scenes.

One fan wrote the cups were the true "stars of the Lachey dating cinematic universe."

Someone else jokingly wondered if the hosts owned the company making the glasses.

Some were simply enraged by them.

While others just found them "unsettling."

The streaming service seems very in on the joke.

At the reunion, the cast was supplied with gold versions of the goblet after exclusively using silver versions all season. And after one of the original couples, Madelyn and Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori, announced they were expecting what Vanessa dubbed their first "'Ultimatum' baby," the show gifted them a sippy cup version of the goblet.

And for anyone left wondering where you can buy the cups, Refinery29 spoke to a "Love Is Blind" producer who said the gold goblets are available on Amazon.

The entire first season of "The Ultimatum" as well as both seasons of "Love Is Blind" are now streaming on Netflix.

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