Genshin Impact: The Best Lisa Build

2022-05-14 10:19:18 By : Mr. Leo Liu

Mondstadt's Librarian Lisa is a versatile, underrated Genshin Impact character. Built correctly, she can shock enemies into submission as a sub-DPS.

Lisa, the renowned Librarian of Mondstadt, is one of Genshin Impact's free starter characters. She can be obtained after Outrider Amber and Cavalry Captain Kaeya once players complete the quest "Sparks Amongst the Pages." Lisa has been gifted with an Electro Vision and is the first catalyst wielding character in the game. She has a large area-of-effect damage range for both her elemental skill and burst, making her ideal for creating elemental reactions as well as being a far-reaching sub-DPS.

Both new and veteran players can find it difficult to work out what build can most effectively use Lisa's talents. There are many ways players can create a strong Lisa build, as she's an incredibly flexible character. However, having a high attack-focused build allows Lisa to become a fantastic sub-DPS addition to any team.

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When building Lisa as a sup-DPS, an attack-focused build is a viable option for those who want to make use of her strong elemental skills and bursts. Lisa's secondary stat is Elemental Mastery, which is essential for creating high damage elemental reactions and is one of the more unique and sought-after sub-stats in the game. Building Lisa with an attack Sands of Eon gives her a massive boost in her attack stat. Pair this with an Electro Damage goblet and Crit Rate or Damage circlet, and Lisa is on her way to becoming an irreplaceable sub-DPS.

For secondary stats, a high Energy Recharge is paramount to keeping her elemental bursts consistent. A sub-DPS Lisa should have between 120-150% Energy Recharge, though the closer to the top range of 150% is more useful. Crit Rate and Damage with Attack percentage sub-stats should also be taken into consideration as these are strongly recommended to keep Lisa’s damage output high. Ideally, Lisa’s Crit Rate/Damage ratio should be 50%/150%.

One of the advantages of building Lisa is that she works well with numerous available sets at all levels. The best combination of artifact sets for Lisa has to be a two-piece 18% Attack bonus set, such as Gladiator’s Finale, and a two-piece Thundering Fury, which gives Lisa a 15% Electro Damage boost. Thundering Fury is a highly effective set for Lisa due to its two-piece bonus and can be combined with Gladiator's Finale and the Noblesse Oblige set.

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Noblesse Oblige can be found in Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern in the northwest of Liyue, just north of the Statue of the Seven in Minlin. Its two-piece set gives characters a 20% bonus to Elemental Bursts while its four-piece set increases all party members' attack by 20% for 12 seconds after using Lisa's Elemental Burst. However, a two-piece Thundering Fury set with a two-piece Gladiator's Finale gives Lisa a more consistent damage output as a sub-DPS.

Lisa's best weapon as a sub-DPS is Kagura's Verity which is a limited five-star bow available only on Weapon Event Banners. Its secondary sub-stat is Crit Damage, and its passive increases the Elemental Skill Damage of the character wielding it by 12% for 16 seconds after the Elemental Skill is used. Another five-star weapon that is ideal for a sub-DPS Lisa is the Skyward Atlas. Skyward Atlas' secondary stat is Attack, and it provides a static bonus to Lisa's overall damage. Its passive increases Lisa's Elemental Damage bonus by 12% and gives normal attacks a 50% chance to seek out nearby enemies to attack. This can deal up to 160% bonus attack damage. Out of the two, Skyward Atlas is the most readily available five-star weapon, as it is permanently available on the Standard Banner.

There are also four-star alternatives that work well for Lisa. The Widsith is another Crit Damage sub-stat weapon that can be attained through the Weapon Event Banner or Standard Banner gacha and is a good alternative to Kagura's Verity and Skyward Atlas. It is a highly sought-after weapon due to its variety of passives. These include the potential to increase Attack by 60%, increase Elemental Damage by 48% or increase Elemental Mastery by 240, each depending on the song that the character is assigned. As a purely free-to-play option, the craftable Mappa Mare catalyst is ideal for Lisa due to its Elemental Mastery sub-stat and passive that increases Elemental Damage by 8% when triggering an Elemental reaction.

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To best make use of Lisa's talents, pair her with another Electro character to utilize the High Voltage Elemental Resonance. This allows party members to be affected by Hydro for 40% less time as well as elemental reactions involving Electro (such as superconduct, overloaded and electro-charged), and having 100% chance of generating an Electro Elemental Particle. Characters such as the Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun as Main-DPS alongside Lisa gives the team a consistent Electro Damage output. Lisa compliments Raiden Shogun's Elemental Burst cooldown with her own Elemental Skill as well as the Elemental Resonance taking care of the required Energy Recharge with its particle.

One of Lisa’s most powerful team compositions can be a part of a Superconduct team consisting of Spindrift Knight Eula as Main-DPS, Raiden Shogun and Lisa as sub-DPS while archer Diona acts as their support. Anemo characters with the Viridescent Venerer set (including Windborne Bard Venti) can also work with Lisa as they are fantastic at crowd-controlling enemies. Since some of Lisa’s preferred teammates are limited five-star characters, they can be rather difficult to attain.

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One of the more accessible teams for Lisa includes Bennett (who players can obtain from the Standard Banner), Fishcl and Barbara. Barbara's Elemental Skill "Let the Show Begin" unleashes Hydro droplets that surround the player and applies the wet status to enemies, allowing Lisa to create consistent Electro-Charged reactions with her normal attacks. Barbara is another of Genshin Impact's other free characters meaning that she is an easily attainable character for Lisa’s team composition.

Overall, Lisa's sub-DPS build is a great addition to any team composition and highly accessible to new players. Players can get creative with different artifact sets and weapons to fit their needs. With readily available free-to-play options and team compositions, sub-DPS Lisa is easy for even new players to run.