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Escape Academy requires a lot of brainstorming to pass each segment of the puzzle game. However, these tips can help players clear the game's levels.

Escape Academy is a puzzle-solving game that lets players train to become the ultimate Escapist. The point-and-click game offers more than 10 rooms that are filled with interactive objects and mysteries to solve. These rooms are designed by expert escapists from the real world who take pride in making people think for themselves.

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As players make progress, they will meet a cast of eccentric characters that can prove resourceful in escaping the rooms of the Academy. People new to the genre of puzzle-solving games can use these pro tips to complete the levels with flying colors in Escape Academy.

The Prologue is the first level of the Escape Academy. Players can take their time to look around for clues and get a general sense of how to go about the puzzle-solving game. While going through the Prologue, finding goblets is one of the main objectives of the level.

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The Blue Goblet can be found inside a chest. Players need to interact with the broken clock in the room to get the code for opening the chest. Make sure the center column of the chest reads “1230” to open the chest. The Yellow Goblet is the bin, and the Red Goblet is a box on the other side of the bin. Open the Mysterious Clue from the chest to get the password for the safe.

After exiting the room with the three goblets, players will find a set of t-shirts hung on hangers. These t-shirts will display the arrows Up, Left, Down, Up, and Left, in that order. People can walk towards the desk kept between the 2 comfortable chairs to find a remote.

Inspect the remote and press the Up, Left, Down, Up, and Left buttons on it. If inserted correctly, the TV should get turned on. Match the letters on the TV with the letters on the poster to get the order of the papers needed to get the Key of Lies.

The Entrance Exam is slightly harder than the Prologue. After collecting the Floppy Disk in the corner, players can discover a briefcase on a glass table. Count the number of clocks, plants, and trophies in the room to get the password that opens the briefcase. There should be 2 clocks, 5 plants, and 3 trophies in the room.

Enter “253” on the lock of the briefcase to get access to 3 photos of the Headmaster. These photographs were taken in Egypt in 1954, Japan in 1975, and Greece in 1991. After collecting these photos, grab the books on the shelf based on the chronological order of the photos taken to open a secret lair.

Escape Artist is a bemusing level that has a ton of puzzles to solve. The most exciting puzzles in the Escape Artist level have to be the sculptures that have to be reorganized based on the portraits hanging by the door. The heads on these sculptures have to face the direction of the murals that are outside the door. Get all of these 4 sculptures right and a door should open behind the sculptures to provide Key #7, Key #4, and Key #3.

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Under Pressure is a dampening level that has a bunch of objects that have to be gathered to uncover the moral of the story. Collect the Clippers, Screwdriver, and Hammer after pulling the switch in the basement. Hammer the heart plastered on the wall to reveal the word “FEAR”.

Attach the Handicam to the hook and reel it underwater to reveal the word “WILL”. Place the Acrylic Sheet on the wall and turn off the Switch Handle to reveal the word “SLOW”. Use the Screwdriver to open the 2 metal doors and insert the Strange Device to reveal the word “YO” and “UR”. Break the Wooden Box with the Hammer and collect the Old Map. Compare the Old Map to the yellow post-its to reveal the word “Mind”. Enter the 5 words "FEAR WILL SLOW YOUR MIND" on the security lock to complete the level Under Pressure.

The Breakout is an escape room that has no exits. Instead, players must stay within the confines of the Academy to assist the Headmaster in reaching and rescuing Eel. Most of the mission involves using the radio to transmit messages that will help the Headmaster access different parts of the deck.

Locate the cell with Eel in it using the computer and release him from his cell. The turrets will start shooting at the Headmaster and Eel on the roof. Hack into the turret and take out the other guns to save both of them.

Trial By Taste is a fun level that lets players fix their own drinks. To get started, grab the 3 forks and use them to open the locked dish on the desk. Players will soon be poisoned after drinking the Milkshake that was placed inside the locked dish.

After having a brief chat with Jeb and Eel, open the freezer and grab the Kitchen Knife. Head on over to the big room and cut the cake with the Kitchen Knife. Match the colors of the cake on the lock of the gift box kept on the next table to unlock the Encyclopedia of Poisons.

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Spin the plate on the other table to unlock the Antidote Recipe. Get the “Staff Only” counter, add one shot of Belladonna, 3 shots of Calabar, and one shot of Mineral Water. Use the shaker to mix the ingredients and drink the antidote to get detoxed.

The Tea Kettle lets players make a delicious cup of tea using ingredients they can find in the garden of the Academy. Take the Shovel and dig through the garden to find the Sereni-Tea Seed. Place the Sereni-Tea Seed under the microscope to count the number of chloroplasts it has. Since it has 8 chloroplasts, players can identify its DNA as “TAG”.

Place the Sereni-Tea Seed on the weighing scale and use the chart to analyze its weight. It should weigh 0.23 g, indicating the term “GTT-” on the chart. Enter GTT-TAG on the machine to get Tea Leaves. Use the Propane Tank to light the stove and add the Tea Leaves to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Lab Rat is a quick escape room that requires players to hack into Quanty, an Artificial Intelligence that is integrated into the Academy. Players will need to get their hands on Turmeric the Rat and place him inside his cage to activate the energy unit.

Once the computers are turned on, players can browse the files to find out the names “DELL-ILAH” and “SPROCKET”. Enter these names into the machine next to the lasers to deactivate them. Create a virus for Model #13 and insert the Disk into the machine to successfully hack Quanty. Make the right moves on the dance floor to get access to Quanty’s Core.

Where There’s Smoke sets the level ablaze with the fire burning the surroundings. There are 4 tiles that need to be collected. Players can get the first tile by entering the code “2257” in the chest. Move the golden ladder and climb up to get the second tile. After climbing down, walk to the chest at the end of the room and enter the code “6869” to get the third tile.

Get into the room with multiple globes and reposition the central globe with the signs of the Sun on the orange circle, the fire sign on the yellow circle, and the air sign on the blue circle. It should provide the fourth tile. Place these four tiles behind the panel that reads “WISDOM THROUGH EFFORT” to complete the level.

Released on July 13, 2022, Escape Academy can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and PC.

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